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How is Disability Eligibility Determined in Washington?

Achieving eligibility for short and long-term disability can be surprisingly difficult. Applicants for benefits often find that their insurers act more as an adversary rather than lending a guiding hand.

To be deemed mentally or physically disabled, claimants must suffer from significant conditions that prevent them from performing their own occupation or from taking on gainful employment in any substantial form. A doctor’s opinion, while helpful, may be insufficient; the disability may need to be confirmed through medical observations and lab tests. Other factors determining eligibility include the age of the claimant, level of education, and work history. Sometimes, experts in nonmedical fields, such as vocational rehabilitation, will need to be consulted to help prove disability.

Disability Insurance Appeals

An inordinate number of initial disability claims are denied, and many discouraged claimants give up immediately after being denied, thinking that the insurance company must know best. If you believe that you have wrongly been denied disability insurance benefits, you stand a good chance at obtaining them through appeals — but your chances will be far greater if you work with a trusted disability lawyer such as Daniel Fjelstad.

Passionate about securing owed disability benefits from insurance companies, and familiar with a wide range of medical conditions impacting the ability to work, he will help you gather the extensive evidence needed to prove that you deserve disability benefits — and he will present that evidence in a way that will convince skeptics.

Daniel R. Fjelstad: Proactive Representation For Disabled Seattle Residents

If a physical or mental disability is currently holding you or a loved one back, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. The right lawyer can improve your likelihood of being approved for disability when you first apply. If your claim is turned down, your attorney can assist you through all steps of the application process. Daniel R. Fjelstad has a wonderful reputation as a disability attorney and is thus a great person to work with as you strive to secure the disability benefits you deserve. Let Daniel Fjelstad cut through the red tape of the disability process and deliver the benefits you require during this difficult time.

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