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Daniel R. Fjelstad, PLLC is a law firm located in Seattle, Washington. The firm serves clients throughout Seattle and the state of Washington, with emphases in personal injury, disability insurance, employment law, and civil rights. The firm handles such cases in both state and federal court, and at both the trial and appellate court levels.

Personal Injury

Whether you or a loved one has been injured by a dog bite, in an auto accident, or a slip and fall, you need to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney immediately. Personal injury laws can be confusing and oftentimes, victims are uncertain what rights they have after being injured. Don’t waste a moment; reach out to a personal injury attorney who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Disability Insurance Benefits

Far too many suffering individuals are denied benefits. Depending on the type of policy you have, either federal or state law may control the analysis of your claim. Often, your ability to provide evidence to support your claim can be curtailed well before you might anticipate. Daniel R. Fjelstad has handled disability insurance claims at the pre-litigation, trial, and appellate levels his entire career.


Legal issues that arise at work can be especially sensitive and emotional. You need your job, but when you face harassment, your employer violates wage and hour laws, or you have been unjustly fired, your source of income and stability can become your greatest source of stress. When you face a legal battle with your employer or ex-employer, you need an attorney with experience in employment law. Daniel R. Fjelstad represents clients in all matters involving employment and post-termination disputes, including negotiation of severance packages and non-compete clauses.

Employment laws are meant to protect employees, but they can’t do that if employees allow their employers to violate these laws without legal intervention. If you believe you have been discriminated against during the hiring process, or once you start your employment, if you have been sexually harassed at work, or if your employer is violating the state laws that govern minimum wage, overtime, or breaks, the law is on your side. By taking your employer to court, you not only ensure your employer is forced to abide by the law when it comes to you, but also to your coworkers.

Experienced Legal Counsel from a Trusted Seattle Attorney

Attorney Daniel R. Fjelstad has been representing individuals in litigation since 1988. Whether you need assistance with your disability insurance, a personal injury matter, an employment law matter, or your civil rights, turn to a Seattle attorney you can trust. Call 206-949-3208 today to schedule a consultation.

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